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Info Dump.

The Hero’s Journey is pretty complex. The more time I spend thinking about it and going over it the less prepared I feel going into NaNo. I’ve been thinking about pairing this with an outline, but I think that the framework is there I just have to flesh it out. I want to try this with dialogue as opposed to exposition. Somewhat like screenwriting. That’s kind of what I’m working on now. I really want to finish this up by the next check in, but my deadline is a week from today. Just over two weeks until the game really begins.

I was checking out NaNo write-ins in my area and I’m excited to see a significant amount that I can actually attend. So I am planning on trying to be a bit more social this round. Also, I figured out what I want to do come December. If I finish NaNo this year then I am going to invest in creating a legit author site for myself. Not just some random wordpress blog. I’ve had those and while it is great I would much prefer owning my own bit of internet space.

I tied in last check in with today, because I honestly didn’t have anything to say on sunday and I didn’t want to force it. I apologize for word vomiting all over your screen. Hope everyone out there is doing well and reaching their goals!


The Hero’s Journey.

Not much to report on. I know that I said I would write about a challenge I faced for my ROW80 wednesday check in. Given that we’ve been at this round for less that 72 hours I’m just going to talk about what I’m up to at the moment, because I have yet to experience a challenge.

I checked out Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” from the library and hope to gather what I need from this source over the next couple of weeks. I’ve been aware of Campbell’s seminal work for sometime, but haven’t had much of a reason to use it until now. I’m actually really excited to go in depth and start thinking about how I want to relate this theory to my current body of work.

If you are unfamiliar with The Hero’s Journey just think Luke Skywalker. If I remember correctly Lucas credited Campbell for the story progression in Star Wars, but I could be making that up. Check out the outline if you think it might be helpful to you. Well that’s all I really have for today.

How is everyone else fairing?

A Round of NaNo.

It is hard to believe that it’s that time of year already. Autumn is here and she wasted no time with fruitless pleasantries. Each year that I participate in NaNo I feel as though I get excited earlier on than I did the year before. It seems counterproductive to wait to get to work on a novel, but it does give me more time to prepare by doing research, character sheets, and outlines. As with most writers I would say that I am a pantser by heart, but plotter by necessity.

Which brings me to what my plans are with this year’s mash-up of A Round of Words in 80 Days and NaNoWriMo. Obviously November will be dedicated exclusively to NaNo. Until then I plan on putting together what I can to feel comfortable as NaNo gets under weigh. I still have no idea as to what I should do come December. I am a firm believer in setting your work aside for a time before tackling your first edit. I try to do this for at least a month. I think it really helps your work to come back to it with fresh eyes. So, I will not be editing in December.

What my main goal is this year is to take this time to make the most out of each day. Not get bogged down by the weight of it all.┬áTake it one day at a time, if you will. So, I have a loose idea for posting days. If I don’t stick to it though I am not particularly worried. Sundays will be just to recap progress from the week before, but Wednesday I will talk about a particular challenge I faced and either overcame or fell victim.

This post was rather stream of conscious. I am a bit on the fence as to whether I want to be blogging during NaNo this year, but I know that having a community of people to turn to and likewise offering support to others can really make or break a writer. We are such a solitary lot that when we do come together it can be the push you need to work harder or to just keep going. I think that’s why I like NaNo so much. You can write 50,000 words during any month, but there is something different when there is someone sitting at the opposite table working toward the same goal. Or simply a comment on your blog from a fellow writer giving you that encouragement when you need it most.

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to leave your thoughts below. Especially if you have any thoughts on what to do in December. I usually do nothing and I’d like to change that this year. Take it easy and I’ll see you folks on Wednesday.


This is a semi-personal writing blog in which I can go about writing without a platform or an agenda. I have gotten extremely tired over the years of self-marketing, self-branding, self-bullshitting. While I value connecting with other writers and enjoy the experience of blogging I just… can’t be around the endless self-promotion that is social media anymore. I find the whole thing to be exhausting and in poor taste.

I have no idea how often I will post. I will participate in writing challenges, which will most likely be the bulk of the content. It’ll figure itself out. While I plan on retaining as much anonymity as I can don’t hesitate to leave helpful comments. Please, if you’re only stopping by to self-promote then move along to another blog. I’m only interested in conversing with people who want to talk about writing.